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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> "empire" actor jussie smollett goes free. the police chief and mayor irate. >> this is a whitewash of ju ice. >> so what happened in chicago? victory dent trump's lap takes him to capitol hill where new battles are brewing not just on theer muereport. >> this should never happen to a president again. >> but on health care. >>un a woman down and killed in front of her own home. police say it was intentional. tonight a witness tells news4 about the image he will never get out of his head. >> when he hit her, it was like a bomb went off. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 starts now. and we are beginning with that dramatic plot twistin lving "empire" star jussie smollett. today prosecutors dropping all charges. >> that's right. dozened more than a felony charges accused of staging a hate crime attack when he was the victim. >> as the actor maintains his
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innocence, chicago's top cop and mayor outraged and are clear about it. whargave been then asp dropped for "empire" actor jussie smollett. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. >> the state's attorney office released a statemente, saying, qufter reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the ca, including mr. smollett's volunteer service in the community, an agreement to forfeit his bond to the city of chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to his case. >> there's nodeal. the state dismissed the charges. >> jussie smollett had faced 16 felony counts for allegedly lying tng police about b the victim of a hate crime. >> i would not bn my mother's i was capable of one drop of what i was accused of. >> on january 29th he reported aning attacked by two men. he said the assails yelle
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racial and homophobic slurs during the assault hitng him and putting a noose around his neck. nearly two weeksla ter, two persons of interest were questioned and then released without charges. days later smollett wasct in. >> this is a whitewash of justice. >> chicago leaders are >> they chose to hide behind secrecy and brokerl a dea circumvent the justiceem sy >> i'd like nothing more than to get back to work and move on with my life. >> the drama may not be over. questions remain about the two brothers and wheth face charges. and the fbi is investigating an alleged hate letter that jussie smollett received, a letter police say he sent to himself. breaking news from federal court incharlottesville, tomorrow james fields jr., the
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white nationalist, is expected to plead guiltyer to fed hate crime charges. he portedly escapes the death penalty by agreeing to doing that. a juryuggested he serve life but 419 years because of the death of heather heyer and thej ries he caused at a unite the right rally. his formal sentencing set for later this week. five local high school students were involved in a serious crash today and learned none of them were wearing seat belts. because of that,f threee duval high school seniors are seriously injured. chopper 4 was just over the scene today on good luck road down the street from the high school. the driver and t passenger only had minor injuries thanks to their air bags. all of th students however are expected to survive. and another child rushed to the hospital after being pulled from underneath an suv. we learned a 2-year-old boy was hit in the parking lot of the
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sandy spring bank. that's on rockville pike near veers mill road. chopper had over the scene around 4:15 this afternoon. police saying the boy has life threatening >injuries. now to the latest on when the public might get to see the special counsel's port. attorney general william barr said it could be weeks not months. barr said mueller's investigation did not establish a critical conspiracy with russia on the collusion h questions a decided there was insufficient evidence on obstructioeof justice. resident declared himself exonerated. today he took a victory lap on capitol hill. amid new signs he plans to seek political vengeance but also making a bold new claim on health care. blayne alexander is trackingthll for us this evening. blayne? >> reporter: son,cifically it's been ten years almost since the affordable care a was
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signed into law, since then republicans have voted dozens of times to repeal it. now it appea that the battle over obamacare is back. president trump renewing a familiar fightn congress over health care. >> the republican party will soon be known as the party of health care. you watch. >> reporter: the president joining senate republicans for lunch on capitol hill as his administration, in a new crt filing, says it now supports the full dismantling of thefo able care act. >> we need to replace ih w a health insurance system that looks like somebody designed it on purpose. >> reporter: it comes as democrats unveil their own plan to strengthen the affordable care act, president obama's signature legislation signed nine years ago almost to the day. >> the republicans did say during the campaign they weren't there to undermine the ee
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prsting condition benefit, and here they ar >> reporter: the president primed for the fight over health care emboldened after special counsel robert mueller's investigation according to a summary byra attorney ge william barr did not find conclusion. >> the mueller report was great. >> reporter: butemocrats digging in saying it's not over yet. putting a deadline on their demand to see the fl report. in a letter tottorney general william barr six democrale saying he e the full findings by april 2nd, one week from today. and as for vengeance we're seeing president tru and some allies going after some of the president's most vocal critics. recently a number of republicans on capitol hill are calling for adam schiff to step down. f day congressman sch dismissed the calls saying he's
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used to criticism from thend president ais allies. wendy? >> thank you, blayne. virginia's governo resuming more of his public duties after the controversy forced him behindsed doors for weeks. today governor ralph northam made his first public appearance in virginia since it was revealed he once appearedn blackface. julie carey reports that the governor is resolute about moving on from that controversy. >> reporter: governor ralph northam once again in view, shaking hands, posing for photos, lobbying lawmake to approve a bill that would require hands free phone use. his fellow democratic lawmakers glad to see it. he you need to get out, get around state and start acting in a gubernatorial manner. >> reporter: he's been working mostly out of site since the revelation of this photo in his
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yearbook page. he said he wasn't in the photo. rejecting s calls totep down he started a so-called listening tour to meet with african-american leaders saying today those sessions will pay off with policy changes. >> there's a lfel awareness regarding race and equity in virginia that i have never seen in my lifetime and i'm going to do everything, along with my cabinet, my agencies, to really bring some good to the events that happened six weeks ago. >> reporter: as he looks ahead, the governor also reminng of how his record was viewed before controversy hit. >> i was elected to governor of the commonwealth of virginia. i think we had a great first year and i want to continue to do that work for virginia. >> alexandria councilman john chapman on hand t f governor's event. >> i think he's looking to show his contrition. he's looking to rebuild trust with folks. >> reporter: chapman says when promises,o the policy promises to reduce inequities
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for african-american he'll be looking for one>> thing. have to see the action. i have to see the action. i don't want to hear the talk. i don't want to hear what you think you can do. just get it done. reporter: the democratic lawmakers reject the suggestions northam' troubles will hurt them in the election. hst say they'll welcome his help. has stood by me every time i have asked him to and i will do the same for him. >> reporter: in alexandria i'm julie carey news4. nice seeing those shots of people outsi enjoying the sun. >> but they were bundled up a bit. >> it wasothernature's head fake, may look warm but didn't feel like it. >> not atall. and tonight it's going to get quite chilly. >> it is. i for one left without the jacket today. i walked outside thinking it's beautiful, look at the sunshine and as soon as you get outside the wind blows andeed my jacket. >> you should know better, doug. >> i was too lazy to walk back in. it was anoer 30 feet and i
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couldn't do it. tomorrow you'll still need the jackets, especially early. last night we saw cloud cov which kept temperatures a little bit above where we thought they'd go. we saw some snow last night around areas of frederick. so a cold nt,ht last ni a colder night tonight with this storm -- or with that cold air coming in, 48 ihagerstown. 46 state college. only 43 along the water towards ocean city. cool temperatures there. one more cold night tonigh opening day looking great for a thursday. thursday really is looking goodd hello to the 70s. ice we want a couple of days here and it looks like mother nature is going to give us that as we head towards the weekend but not the entire weekend. i'll explain in about minutes. the d.c. police department's use of force is on the rise for a second straight year and the new data shows african-americans are the target oft force.
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but as mark segraves reports the majority of those cases were founto be justified. >> reporter: d.c. police define use of force as anything from taking a suspect down in order to cuff them to discharging their firearm. according to a report by the office of police complaints, j there wet over 1,000 incidents in 2017. in 2018, that number went up to just over 1200 use of force incidents. an increase of 20%. of thosese of force incidents in 2018, 90% of subjectsrc of were african-americans. >> 20% increase is concerning. >> charles allen is chairman of the committee that oversees the police dement. he plans to ask the pol the increase of use of force at an oversight hearing tomorrow. >> when you see a number like 90% black residents on the receiving end of use of force, it's problematic. >> reporter: a spokesperson ants everyone to put that in perspective writing with 31,680
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arrests18 in only 4% involved use of force. and in 91% of those use of force incidents, the officers' force met or was lower tha the use of force prescribed by mp guidelines. the report also shows that of the 232 me seriousse of force incidents that were investigated, 80% were found to be justified. the report also looked at complaints filed by citizens. of the 27 complaints filed, 52% were determined to be unfounded. but 37% of those complaints were sustained. ron is a community activist east of the river where most of the hie of force incidents occur. hes there's a reason the number of complaints is so low. >> a loteo ofe are scared of police, a lot of people are afraid to file complaints. >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves, news4. president trump's first veto
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will stand. a vote to overridet failed in the house today. and u comingp at 6:00, the next step in the btle f funding in the border wall. a new ride share but for kids only. transportationeporter adam tuss will explain why more arents are turning to this service. major changes coming to a notorious spot for pedestrian cci
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thepresident's battle to build a border wall is now likely headed to thecourts. >> today democrats failed to garner enough votes to turn oves
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thident's neational emergency declaration. >> jay gray has that story. >> we're responding to the president's direction. >> reporter: the pentagon is now ifting a billion dollars to fund president trump's border wall. >> given a legal order from the commander in chief, we are executing on that order. >> reporter: an emergency order that could ultimately divert more thanm $4 billion f as many as 150 defense projects across the country and around the world.ti lawmakers ce to challenge the process and the plan. >> to look at the pentagon as sort of a piggy bank/slush fund where you can go grab money for something when you nd it really undermines the credibility of the entirdod budget. >> the first transfer moves money to the army corp. of engineers to build 57 miles of 18 foot high fencing in texas and arizona.
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the president vetoed a measure that would have blocked his order. a move to order overturn that veto faid to get the necessary votes this afternoon in the house. >> there is a crisis at the border that can no longer be denied. >> reporter: the next effort to he emergency order could come in the courts. >> the united states constitution is extraordinarily clear about who has the power of appropriation, it's not the president. >> reporter: 16 states have filed suit claiming it violates law. a cease-fire between israel and hamas rulers in gaza appears into be t hold. but the situation still tense. the fighting began after a missile was fired into gaza yesterday afternoon. benjamin netanyahu cut srt a
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visit to the u.s. to return home. palestinian militants fired rockets into israel. fighting subsided this morning butre are concerns the situation will escalate into a major conflict. section of montgomery county is notorious fores cra involving pedestrians and that road is about to see a big drop in speed limit. maryland state highway administration announced that today. speed limits will fall in three sections first in wheaton. the speed limit will drop from 35 miles an hour to 25 miles an 'shour. thatear the mall. moving north from glen allen to connecticut avenue, the speed limit will drop from 45 to 35. and then from connecticut avenue up to cherry valley drive-in stead of 50 miles an hour it'll be 45 miles an hour. speed limit on other major state roads in mon gumry and
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prince george's county are going to be dropping this year. loudon county public schools cing questions about its selective s.t.e.m. programs. >> the naacp says the selection ocess may be biassed. >> cory smith takes us through the enrollment numbers and shows us how the school district is addressing the >> reporter: the academy of low dy has two schools geared toward s.t.e.m. schools. 65 african-american students applied for a spot in one of those programs for this school year. one was accepted. the numbers don't add up? >> they don't add up. >> reporter: those numbers and complaints from parents prompted naacp preandent d the school district address the disparity. currently admission i based on academic progress and tests. she said that's too vague and believeshe process is subjectable to bias.
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>> it's subjective. any time you have subjective criteria, there may be at pisy es of racism. >> reporter: the school district wrote in a statement, quote, lcps is committed to a rigorous and e quitable admissions process for all three programs, beginning with admissions windows in the fall of 2019 changes will be made to decrease testing bias and measure passion for s.t.e.m.we >>e not asking for the criteria to be lowered. we're asking for transparency and clarity in the process. >> currently asian students make up 74% followed by white students 21%. african-americans account for less than 1%. she believes closing that gap can only be done by challenging
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at a young age. for now she's encouraged that administrators have recognized the issue. >> we plan to fix this problem of academies of loudon admission problem andpi line. >> reporter: cory smith news4. arnold neschwartzer on the steps of the supreme court today. also peak bloom for the cherry blossoms is coming faster. doug is back with the forecast to let us k aw ifthing is going to slow them down the next fe remember we have you covered for ope get ready for the game, new season and the changes you'll notice on the field and in the stands this year. our coverage
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april ayfool's d is now going to be peak bloom for the cherry blossoms day. today the national park service ve moved that they up the date by two days to april 1st. e national park service looks at temperatures and where the trees are in the bloomingpr ess. right now the indicator tree is in full bloom. >> so, doug, we've got some warm weather the coming days is that going to help bake them a little bit? >> absolutely. they want temperatures over 68 e degrees we'll there the next couple days. thursday we get close, the mid s and 70s on friday and saturday.ri we thinky and saturday are the time where they boom -- >> like popcorn. >> yeah, really that's the way it's going to be.s full bloom officially 70% of the cherry trees where they are bloom. and you're going to have right now about 10 to 20% of them and sen we'll more over the
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next couple days. day byay we'll see more and more of the blossoms coming out. right now 50 degrees, winds at 14 miles per hour. it looks fantastic with the sun but the wind is making it iilly. wind chillsthe 30s right now. going tonight we'll see the temperatures drop. we'll see the clear skies continue, the dry wind the winds will drop. that means a cold night totonig. rrow morning we have nothing. radar is dry. we stay dry the next couple days. boy has it been wet the last year or so. you can see we are clear across the mid atlantic, toward the northeast. the storm that came through yesterday in towards part of the atlantic. you can see it, the back door cold front came through our area, that's why it's in the 40s and 50 st. today. it's in the 50s down through the carolinas because of that. tomorrow staying chilly, 54
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degrees. all sunshine, not as breezy and warmer. tomorrow afternoon is going to be nice but you will need the coat early. ny of you in the 20s and 30s tomorrow. opening day,gr 64 s yes, i will be down there live. i'll be at th gameand, of course, at the salt line afterwards along the rimer. own and see me it's going to be great. 73 on friday and 75 on saturday. as talked about for the cherry blossoms broooom, boom there you go. it's going to be beautiful if you head down to tidal basin.t he whole weekend is going to be nice. i left sunday off for now. we'll show you sunday and next week at 6:45. coming up at 6:30, a new app sold as theber lift for children. what about safety?he from one mother who is already using it. makersients blaming drug for the opioid crisis. a major settlement today hasne
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compan paying up. we have a sad update to a story we told you about at the top of the hour. that 2-year-old has nowd d after being hit by a car in a parking lot. iomari stone
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but hurry, switch and save days ends april 7th. internet that's reliable. internet that's fast. that's super important. i just want to get it right now. call today. comcast business. beyond fast. ha> w some sad breaking news from rockville at 6:30. a 2-year-old boy has died after being run over by that suv. >> chopper 4 over the scene. this is around 4:15 this afternoon. the child was hit in thist, parking this is off rockville pike. >> shomari stone ishere now live. this happened at the sandy
6:30 pm
spring bank parking lot. what else do we know about this shomari? >> reporter: we're here at the sandy springar bankng lot, also there's an armed forces career center behind me in that building. there's a lot of informationng con right now and we're trying to get more information. here's what we know thus far. th this 2-year-old was ran over by that suv over there, if you can zoom in, there's a silver suv and c theld was trapped under the suv and they had to trexindicacate, remove t child, transported the child to the hospital in critical condition and the child died. it's very sad out here when you walk to the scene and see the police officers theyeally have somber looks on their faces as they process this scene in front the sandy springs bank. you haveli the p information officer who's supposed to give us more information about how
6:31 pm
this happened. how the 2-year-old got under the suv over there. situation.lly sad and we have not, you know, been able to reach this child's parents. again we're on the scene and we're waiting for more information. we will bring it to you as it becomes ave. but this is incredibly devastating to be here at such a tragic event. >> it is. that's such a heartbreaking situation. do we know where the parents and the driver happen to be right now? >> reporter: we don't know. now a man came up tond me said -- and this is not confirmed by police. t a man came up to me and said this child was in this parking lot, somehow got away from the parents and got under the suv. that's all we know thus far. but, of course, that is co irmed. i'm waiting for more information from montgomery county police. thank you, shomari stone there in rockville. you will keep us posted as you
6:32 pm
get more information. >> thank you shomari. we have a deadly hit and run that colice areling a murder. >> investigators say a man intentionally ran a woman down and then just kept on driving. >> the victim was struck and killed outside her home, it was this past sunday evening. news4 pat collins has thestory. this happened in manassas. >> reporter: the victim, 66-year-old shamsa begum, murdered in front of her home on clover hlroad, in manassas city. it happened sunday evening. neighborsay someone threw a brick through her first floor window. when she went out to see what was going on, she was struck and killed ba hit and run car. jerry was out walking his dog. he saw it all go down. >> when he hit her, it was like a bomb went omf, >> and then her body flew across, up in the air -- >>aip in the across the
6:33 pm
hood. and hit the ground. >> and he kept on going. >> he kept on going. >>eporter: according to a gofundme page, she was the epitome othe american dream. she came from pakistan and built a fruitfu life here in the u.s. the last few hours of her life they say she spent in prayer and planning her son's wedding. let me tell you how fast this all went down. 5:03 that hit and run on clofr hill road. 5:13 a lookout f a maroon honda civic.on 5:16 that civic spotted at this seven eleven a few miles away, case closed. onnection with the hit and run, -year-old hammad taha from montgomery county. >> what's known at this point is the victi and the suspect know each other. at this point we're sti
6:34 pm
investigating the nature of that relationship. i>> reporter: manassas city, pat collins news4. the supreme court is taking on a new bipartisan fight over political gerrymandering. today the cou heard two cases on how congressional districts are drawn. one of those cases involves maryland's sixth district. republicans say the democrats ew that district to boost their representation in congress. down in north carolina it's the democrats accusiinining republi of doing the same thing. outside was larry logan and arnold schwartznagger. >> representatives should not b picking their citizens. the citizens should be picking their representatis. >> i'm s excited to be here today and to fight the gerrymandering and to say that we must terminate gerrymandering.
6:35 pm
>> butwo people who are opposed to the fight against gerrymandering is maryland's attorney general and sixth district congressman david trone, the sixth district includes the city of frederick, parts of frederick county. it would have been a first. an all female spacewalk at the international space station. >> but 'sna historic moment is going to have to wait. and the reaso why has women arou w the world saying,l that figures. if you live in prince george's county there's a good chance that shoppers is your go to grocery store. soon that could be changing. i'm tracee wilkins coming up on news4, what's next for an old favorite. it was sunny today, but still on the chilly side. we're t going tol you what this means for the next couple
6:36 pm
of days. when spring really moves in for an extended period. again, it loo pretty outside. the temperatures a
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a major opioid settlement between the state of oklahoma and the comny that makes o oxycont oxycontin, purdue pharma, oklahoma sued the company, and today they agreed to settle for $270 million, three additional defendants remain in the case. the state's attorney general for nithe com are tied to hundreds of death from opioid overdoses. >> quite simply we are out of time with regard to the responsibility we have to deal with this crisis. >> purdue pharma did not admit wrong doing and company
6:39 pm
officials say they're considering bankruptcy because of lawsuits. the sackler family owns a controlling interests in t country, you may have seen their names around here in d.c. people that shopt shoppers food are warned r wondering if they need to find a new place to buy their food. the company was sold a they haven't offered many details about what's going on. tracee wilkins reports local leaders are makg plans for other grocery options. >> i'm shocked. i'm surprised. >> reporter: it's hard saying good-bye after decades of shopping. open.ep it keep it open. >> reporter: these people who consider shoppers food warehouse their neighrhood groce don't want to see it leave. >> if they close the shop, where are we supposed to go. >> reporter: there's a cew parepany that wants out of the retail business to focus on 'swholesale. theft a lot of people wondering what's next, including
6:40 pm
shoppers workers, some who have been employed 30 years or mo. >> to many people this job is all they have. >> the president of the united food and commercial workers union rresents 2,000 in our prince st who work in george's county where there are 12 stores. 'she said he frustrated because shoppers new owners aren'tyi much of what's coming and what it means for workers. >> they want to know going on and they're frustrated wi by what's kept in the dark. >> reporter: the county is a desert foo aa for healthy food. so replacing them is a major focus. >> a lot of the stores in the area they're at, that store is the main source for healthy food options. >> reporter: this as the customers are dreaming of what could be next. >> if i had option, i'd like to
6:41 pm
see ajoe' p >> reportence george's county officials say they spoke with a number of brands about filling in these shoppers locatis once they're sold in northern virginia and montgomery county giant has picked up number of those stores already. in prince george tracee wilkins news4. shoppers responded within the last hourin s they have no immediate plans to close any stores.s the company s it plans to thoughtfully and economically divest its retail operations. would you trust a ride share app to take your kid to srts practice or other after school activities? we're going t show you why some area parents are already using it. doug's back with the ten day forecast fherry blossoms, forecast fherry blossoms,
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i'm paige, and well the little thing that i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is that it's picture perfect. it's juicy and it just has all the right combinations. i think i could be considered a grilled chicken sandwich influencer. my name is frank and the little thing i like about the grilled chicken sandwich is the first bite. i love how juicy the chicken is but there's also the tomatoes and the lettuce and it's incredible. make sure you get it with waffle fries,
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because that's my favorite. here's a quick look a some of our top stories. prosecutors dropping all charges against jussie smollett, the "empire" star facedore than a dozen felony counts accused of staging ari hate attack in which he was the victim. chicago's mayor is calling it a whitewash of justice but jussie smollett maintains his innocence. president trump went to capitol hill for lunch with republicans as theate over obamacare returns. the meeting comes as his administration moveso fully dismantle the affordable care act. if that happens, millions of americans could be left without health insurance. democrats areopposite, the want totrengthen the affordable care act. we're on peak bloom watch. the national park service has moved up peak bloom for the
6:45 pm
cherry blossoms to next monday, april 1st. doug is back in coupl minutes with the forecast to check out the cherry blossoms and when's the best time to check it out >> it's going to go poof: likepc n. think of this next one as uber or lyft but just for kids. busy local parents have a new option it's called hop, skip drive. >> it promises safe drives to get your kids to and from their events with strict standards for the drivers, would you let your kid right? transportation reporter adam tuss is checking out the service tonight. ve >> reporter: e parent wants the best for their kid and jaylen walker is a busy kid, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, boxing. how sch time do yound in the car? are you in the car a lot? >> yes, sir.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: six porsports thata lot of running to and from youes and with our traffic know how it goes. >> pick him up run, once you cr drop him off you have to get him again. >> reporter: she's now using hop can be skipe. driv >> we can plan. >> trips are scheduled hours in advance. and the difference here is these drivers have to g through a strict background check, have at least five years experiencs a a care ch just started driving for the company. >> i got fingerprinted they did a full fbi background check, checked into my driving record specifically. >> reporter: an extra layer of security, when the driver shows up to pick up the chd, the child and driver have to exchange a code word. >> i like the code. how they use the code word so i can identify the person who's taking>> me places.
6:47 pm
eporter: hop, skip drive is starting in northern virginia but planning to expand. we're starting in fairfax county, alexandria we'll be in the district in a couple weeks and maryland soon after that. >> the company in service in l.a. and the denver area. average rides are 20 to 25 bucks. inlexandria adam tussnews4. the historic all female space walk planned f friday has been cancelled. because there are not enough space suits in the right side on the international space station. >> no? >> two female astronauts were scheduled to float outside the t iss replace batteries, but they both need medium space suits and there's only one on board that is quote/unquote space ready. one of the astronauts decided te pull h from the lineup. a male crew mate will fill in for her. hillary clinton was one of the many people on twitter sounding off onhis news today.
6:48 pm
she sent out another tweet saying make another suit. >> it's like gettingn the boat and saying we don't have the right size levests. >> you knew there were women going upthere. speaking of boats, this guy needed a bigger one. talk about monster check, this is connor donovan he snagged this bass on the potomac river here in d.c. not far from where we're sitting right now. it was caught near fletcher's boat house. according to d.c.'s department of energy whi shared this photo, this is a sign the rivers are gettinghealthier. this guy was 35 pounds, 40 inches, 35 pounds. >> that's huge. >> don't worry about this -- i tried to guess how many fillets. >> that's good eating. >> won'tha ppen. >> they catch and release, that's nice. he deserves to live. we deserve good weather.
6:49 pm
>> yes. wh's going on with the cherry are we tocooking them. >> it will be like popcorn the news couple days that's the case as you make your way toward the tidal basin. you'll see some today, some tomorrow but thursday, friday, saturday you'll really see them popping. look out theree right nowve a couple trees blooming, not a lot. but i think over t next couple of weeks this scene here is going to change bigime we're going to see more green. current temperature 50 degrees.t we have sun temperatures are on the cooler side. droppi 3 into thes by 11:00 46 gaithersburg and annapolis. 49 towards dulles. a little bit of a windchill, too. winds gusting 10 to 15 miles per hour right now. but no chance of rain. you need the jackets if you' headed out.
6:50 pm
it looks nice, maybe u're inking i'm going to take the dog for a walk, put the jacket on, it's going to cool quickly. look at the wind chills, the coldest on the cmap, oceany coming in at 36 degrees. virginia beach 38 there aswell, a little more wind and cooler because of the open waters. but all in all it is a cool afternoon. tomorrow going to be a chilly sure. to the day for 33 degrees in the city. most of you in the upper 20s s watch out. sun rise 7:01 as we get into thursday, the sun will rise before 7:00 and set after 7:30 so our days continue to get longer here. that means mor heat eventually. 54 by the time we're picking up the kids at the bus top. the next couple days looking good. opening day, mets coming into down, nationald be the favorites to win the division, let's hope so. let'sur make se we stay healthy, guys. that's the big thing.
6:51 pm
as we look towards gnats parkhe duringay on thursday, looking great, 10:00, 11:00, 54 degrees at that time. cktake the . you will need it if you're sitting in the shade you will ed it. those of you in the shade would be anybody along the third baseline. 60 degrees for the 1:05 start and 4:00 temperatures around 64 by the time you're walking out. whenne you're come see us. we'll be over here. that's the salt line. gonna be beautiful weather for that during the afternoon. 73 on friday. f on saturday. perfect afternoonday and saturday. look at sunday, breezy and ra cooler, temres in the 50s with falling temperatures during the day and look at that, to much cooler as we head towards
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> reporter: welcome back to
6:55 pm
news4 at 6:00 i'm sherree burruss le at capital o arena where the nhl regular season is coming down to the wire. capitals getting ready to host the carolina ifhurricanes. he playoffs started today, this would be the matchup, thep ls can clinch a spot in the post season with a winere and a loss from the montreal canadians and columbus bluejack. there are six games left ithe regular season. right now the capsn a tight race for a the lead, holding the top spot by one point over the penguins and islanders. yesterday a special day for caps at the white house as president trump honored the team for the 2018 stanley cup champion. it was clear the oval office visit left a lasting impression on the players. >> amazing. he's a nice friendly guy. you know he's making the kes. >> look aty.his >> that's a good experience for
6:56 pm
me personally. i loved theur and i love everything. so when you havee events l that you want to go again for sure. >> it was really cool. it was a life experience that i probably won't ever forget. you know, it definitely creates that motivation. there's aountain on the front lawn, so maybe that'll be our next target. >> tom wilson upping the ante there for 2019. this year's nfl draft ises than a month away. the redskins picking overall with plenty of spots to fill, including the quarterback righthe now only healthy quarterback is case keenum. head coach jay gruden, not surprising, noncommittal at qb. ing a >> we're looking at all positions, really. reallyay at the end of the you're talking about 15, like t
6:57 pm
see how the board goes. if it's a quarterback that we think can help us, we'll take a quarterback, sure. >> you have to hit on the first ounders to be a successful franchise. you can't just reach and hopeuy that's your in the future. you have to be right on those guys and sometimes it could be a second or third or fourth rounder not so much a firs chopper 4 flying over college park as the maryland football team beginning springt prs this year. the team will host its oday tomorrow. draft hopefuls working out. while the red and white spring game takes place april 27th. nats opening day just two a day after missing out on the 2018 playofr. a month of spring training, the long wait over, the players and manager couldn't happier. >> just excited. you're excited to get back out there. we've been waiting this whole
6:58 pm
offseason, beenhiraining whole offseason and want to go out and compete. >> finally. it's good to be back in town. not that there's a buzz around he but think there is a little bit and i think people are excited baseball is back, i think everyone was ready to break camp about 10 days ago. >> about seven days ago i the wall. okay, spring training should be done, let's go. i could see it in the players' faces they had enough. the guys are ready and we're excited. >> news4 has your team coverage thursday. we can't wait for thursday but we are also excited for tonight's game, the bobble headr the bird ceion. it's going to be a good one. back to you. >> and thursday is going to be a big day. >> yes. >> i got it. >> there won't be anyone in the station. thanks for joining us "nightly news" starts in 60
6:59 pm
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breaking news tonight. a shocking turn of the jussie smollett saga. all charges suddenly dropped after state prosecutors make a deal with the actor for two days of community service. the move blasted by a chicago poli the mayor, who say they were blindsided. >> this is a person reho has been let off scotwith no sense of accountability of the moral and ethical wrong of his actions. >> smollett standing by his story. but prosecutors say they're not exonerating him from orchestrating a fake attack on himself. so why did they drop the char also breaking, an emergency landing tonight involving a boeing 737 max. nethe trouble from of the grounded planes as it was being moved. an unprecedented lemove in the meass outbreak. one hard-hit county


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